Who We Are

My name is Jessica Urban, I live with my husband Matt, and my two children Anya and Austin in Columbia, Pennsylvania. We own dogs, cats, and even turtles. I have been working at Harrisburg Pike Animal Hospital as a veterinary assistant since October of 2000. Matt has also been working as a part time kennel assistant at the same hospital since 2002.  We have been pet sitting for the animal hospital clients since 2002 and have enjoyed it so much that after ten years we turned it into a full time family owned business. So began, “Your Place or Mine Pet Sitting”.


We are fully insured and bonded. We insist that our team come from a veterinary medicine background and can pass a criminal background check.

Through our wide array of pet sitting services we are able to provide pet owners with a healthy, less stressful lifestyle. Not only do we provide care when a client is away for work or vacation, we will also help out when an owner is recovering from surgery or an illness. We will assist owners with medications, IV catheters, fluid therapy, etc so their pet doesn’t have to get stressed out by going back and forth to the vet.