-Your Home Services-

Visits: $22-$30
-Each visit is at least 30 minutes
-We will perform whatever task is needed for the pet (walk, play, feed, scoop litter, food & water cleanup)
-We will also provide minor house needs as well (open/close curtains, switch lights, bring mail/packages inside, take trash in/out, fill bird feeders, and water plants)

Move In Service: $110-$150 per 24 hours
-One of our staff move into owners home while they’re away.
-Pets will not be left  alone for any longer than 5 hours at a time.
-We will tend to the pets and home as you would.

Medical Visit: $15
-We will assist owners with administering pills, creams, injections, and fluid therapy.
-This is a medical administration visit only-no other services will be done at this time


-Our Home Services-

Lodging: $25-$50 per day
-Charges are per day, not by 24 hours or per night
-Dogs must get along with all types/sizes of dogs, kids, and cats
-Dogs must be vaccinated for Distemper Bordatella & Rabies
-Cats must be Feline Leukema/AIDS negative and vaccinated for Distemper & Rabies
-Owners must supply food, we recommend bringing treats if they need a certain diet.
-Crates are only used if owners use them at home and supply them.

Hourly Lodging: $3 per hour/per pet
-See Lodging section for requirements

All lodging is done in our personal home. We insist that all tours, drop-off, or pick-up times be done by appointment only. We reserve the right to fire any client that doesn’t respect this request

Transportation: $15 per hour + current mileage rate
-We will transport pets to groomers, check-ups or specialty visits.
-We will pick up pet supplies for owners as well

Bath: $15-$25
-Will come to owners home or while pet is lodging in our home.
-Towel Dried
-Due to township regulations we are unable to provide grooming services such as clip, cut, or blow dry any pets

Toe Nail Trim: $15

-Will come to owners home or while pet is lodging in our home
-We use clippers, no dremel

If you have any questions or concerns please get in contact with us!