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  1. Jess and Matt have been coming to our home for something like two or more years, to walk and play with our dog, Fitz. If you know anything about border collies, then you know it takes a special person to commit long term to their high-energy needs. I can’t say enough about the Urbans. Completely dependable and trustworthy, they have never missed a schedule, not once. You should have no concerns about allowing access to your home. Their care for our beloved pooch has been exemplary and loving, and they have never not been able to meet a non-scheduled request in a willing and eager way, You simply have to be reasonable about time frame and their work with other dogs. You won’t do better than these folks, and I am happy to verify that in a phone call. Just talk to Jess and Matt to arrange it. Erik – Lancaster, Pa.

  2. Jessica has been my friend as well as my pet sitter for over 10 years. She is 100% dependable and trustworthy and I would recommend her to anyone in need of a pet sitter!
    Danielle-Lancaster, PA

  3. Jessica & Matt have been pet sitting at my home and theirs for over 4 years. I agree with Eric that you can not find better pet sitter than the Urbans! My weimaraner, Ella, loves their family. Being at Matt & Jessica’s, as well as with Austin & Anya, instead of in a boarding facility reassures me that Ella will be loved and cared for the same as she is at home. There’s no need to worry if Ella becomes ill; who better to care for her than your vet’s assistant! What a bonus for a worry free vacation! I 100% recommend their pet care services!

  4. We have known Jess and Matt for a few years and cannot say enough about them! Our two dogs, Tilly and Blue, have stayed at their house multiple times while we have been on vacation and they have came to our house to care for our cats, Uno and Bean and our fish. Our dogs always come home happy and the cats aren’t starving for attention. They have been so great and went above and behind for us this year. Recently my husband and I had our first child. We set it up ahead of time with Matt and Jess that we would call them when it was “time” and they came to our house and picked up our dogs for us. They even took one of our daughters hats back to their house for us so the dogs could get used to the scent. During such a stressful time for a new family, the one thing we didn’t have to worry about was our pets. We would highly recommend Your Place or Mine Pet Sitting to anyone!

  5. Grady, our GoldenDoodle loves Jessica and family, especially Anya and Austin! Whether they come here to visit with him, when we’re away for the day, or Grady goes to their house for “camp” while we’re on a longer trip, we know that he is well cared-for in a loving environment and have no dog worries or concerns. We have and will continue to recommend Your Place or Mine PetSitting, with no hesitation! We so happy to have found them!

  6. Jessica has been caring for our toy poodles, Tinkerbell and Penelope, for a number of years. Would highly recommend. Very dependable and professional. Penelope is very shy, but I never worry about leaving her in Jessica’s capable hands. So thankful to have this service.

  7. My dog, Cooper, is an older boy, who has had multiple medical issues over the last few years, including orthopedic surgery and congestive heart failure. To say this dog means the world to me is an understatement and I am VERY particular about who I allow to care for my baby when I can’t do it myself.

    Jess Urban and her family are wonderful. They provide kind, attentive pet care/sitting services that have exceeded my every expectation. I could not recommend their services more highly! They are animal lovers to the core and Jess’ professional background in a veterinary office helps put my mind at ease, given Cooper’s special needs.

    I really don’t know that I can express my gratitude for the past few years and I know Cooper feels the same way. Thank you for everything you have done to make my life easier and most importantly, to make Cooper’s life better. I am a customer for life!

  8. My husband and I got our lab puppy (Rosie) in October, and Matt & Jessica have been helping to take care of her since the week we brought her home. Rosie gets more excited to see Matt & Jess (and Austin & Anya) than us most of the time! Several neighbors have observed them with Rosie and have commented on how attentive and loving they are towards her. The fact that Jess works at our vet’s office also helps put our mind at ease, and helps us get answers when we need them the most. They are also extremely flexible with their schedule and are always happily willing to come an extra session if we unexpectedly won’t be home until later. I feel so confident in Matt and Jessica, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. We feel so lucky to have found them, and wouldn’t dream of having anyone else care for our pup!

  9. Our toy poodle Zeus and italian greyhound Diddo know Jess and Mat and their awesome kids as “family”. Jess has been pet sitting for me for 10+ years, both at my house and at theirs. There has never been an issue which has caused me concern; Jess and Matt are highly skilled and provide excellent care, love and attention and communicate any concerns or issues which they have noted. They are extremely flexible, dependable, trustworthy and I feel priviledged to be a client. The Urbans have been a valuable and necessary resounce for us, and I am deeply appreciative of their attention to my beloved furry family!! Thanks, Jess and Matt!

  10. Jess and Matt are the best! I love my fur babies to death and am very particular about who cares for them. They are wonderful! I completely trust them with my pets. If you want caring, responsible people to take care of your pets, this is who you want!

  11. I trust Your Place or Mine Pet Sitting with my 3 dogs without hesitation. They are the best, check in and walk them on days that I work and spoil them when they stay at their house when we travel. Family dogs want to be with family not in a kennel and Rocco, Bo and Annie love the entire Urban Family. Highly recommend!!!!

  12. I met Jessica during the summer of 2013 when we had a very sick cat who needed sub-q fluids and pills. The cat fought us, and we were unable to provide the care he needed. Jessica was kind and gentle with our cat, and some how managed to give him his medicine. It was a relief to have an expert helping us.

    Now we have a rescue dog, Rocky, who is often scared of people other than his “family.” Jessica and Matt came to meet Rocky and took time to get to know him while we were home. Unfortunately Rocky forgot that Matt was a safe friend because the first time Matt tried to walk him, he refused to get out of his crate. Thanks to Matt’s patience and care, Rocky eventually came out. And Matt must have done something right because Rocky is no longer scared of him. We were very impressed with the extra effort to make our dog feel comfortable. Having someone you trust to care for your animals is a blessing. I highly recommend this pet loving team!

  13. Jessica and Matt were a godsend to me. My husband passed away and our yellow lab ️Murphy was only 2 1/2 years old. Without my husband I didn’t think I could keep ️Murphy and work full time. Jessica was available and so great with crazy ️Murphy. Then when I decided to sell my house Jess and Matt would come and take ️Murphy to play especially when those last minute house showings Would pop up. We miss you guys so much.

  14. Jess and Matt are the only 2 people we have ever left our two tiny terrors with. They must have the patience of saints as one of our dogs is a diva and the other is an anxious mess. They require A LOT of attention. The girls come home happy and healthy. Jess and Matt do the best job at accommodating our crazy schedules. If you are as scared as I was the first time I left my little girl (I actually cried ) I want you to know your beloved fur babies will be loved and safe in their care

  15. After leaving our two English Bulldogs at a big named kennel and having them get kennel cough Beth an I never thought we would feel comfortable leaving our dogs with anyone again; that was until I remembered Matt and his wife! Ever since then our dogs have stayed with them on a few occasions and we couldn’t be happier with their service!

  16. We found Jess and Matt after several surgeries left us unable to walk the dogs on a regular schedule. Jess came to our home every weekday morning for one full year to walk our dogs and to give them extra love and attention! On the days that we did not have Jess come by, our dogs sat by the door waiting patiently for her to arrive! Needless to say they love her very much and we could not have asked for a better experience for us and for our dogs. We also never have to board our dogs in a kennel again because we know that they are getting much more attention from Matt and Jess and can stay in the house that they are used to. Matt and Jess are reliable, trustworthy, convenient to use and flexible with our schedule requests. But most importantly, they LOVE animals; and, they make the process of leaving your furry friends at home while you are away a pleasant experience.

  17. Jess and her family are great pet sitters and have been there for us many, many times for Sheltie sleepovers. I don’t trust just anyone with my Chloe and Finn but we can go away and I am 100% sure and satisfied they have been well taken care of. So, if you’re looking for the best, look no further!!

  18. Rosie and Lily were in good hands and happy to be able to stay home while we had a weekend getaway. Thank you Jess for pampering the girls!

  19. Jess and Matt are an awesome pet team! My German shepherd and Yorkie poo absolutely love going to stay there. Last January, my shepherd developed a nasty skin infection while I was away. Jess drove her into to Dr. Pendleton, and by the time I returned the infection was well under control. I have 100% piece of mind going away knowing that my buddies are well taken care of!

  20. Hugo, the famous blind Frenchie, goes to Jess and Matt’s whenever we leave town and he absolutely loves it! He has more fun playing with all their dogs than he does at home. Jess and Matt both have veterinary experience and are fantastic at ensuring your dog will get their medications. They’ve always been incredible with giving Hugo’s eye medications. Would recommend Jess to anyone who ever needs a pet to be loved and cared for.

  21. We leave Hugo, our famous blind Frenchie, with Jess and Matt every time we leave town. He has more fun there playing with their pups then he does at home. Always comes home exhausted from days of playing. With plenty of veterinary experience behind these two, you can always count of them for giving your dog the medical care it needs. Hugo requires multiple eye drops two to three times a day and I always know he’s getting his medicine every day. I would highly recommend Jess and Matt to anyone who’s looking to have their dog get the best love and care while they’re away.

  22. We just left our Golden Doodle, Louie, in the care of YPOMPS this weekend. We feel comfortable leaving for a weekend knowing he is in such loving, capable hands. He gets the comfort of our home with the love and attention of professionals. The Urbans and Erin have been with Louie for over a year now, we are so happy we found them. We love their love of animals, commitment to service and their overall positive and friendly approach. Thank you for taking such good care of Louie this weekend Erin!

  23. Jess and Matt and their team have provided services for my varied crew of cats and one very special canine over the past 15 + years. I never worry when they are here in my place. Even when Beamer, my 15 1/2 year old Shih Tzu, required various pills, eye drops, inhaler and other very specialized care, I knew he was in good hands when I could’t be here. They were present right up to his time to Cross the Rainbow Bridge. Now they are back to relatively “easy” care of my two 17 year old felines but if something happens with them while I’m not here, I know I can count on them to see that they get the care they need:-)

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